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zenneth luuv himself some buttcake

Latest activity

  • new page History
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: History if you dont know their history then there is a reason.
  • new page Rules
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: Rules the rules are made by leather only. break them and be punished or get banned. examplesEdit no bullshit no nudity no begging no being annoying...
  • new page Manda
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: Add Video Add Image Manda! manda is the beautiful and sexy blonde vampire who seems to have a lot of friends. people often visit and waits for her...
  • new page Zenneth (also known as zen36, zenneh, zenzen, sexy)
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: Contents 1 Zen. 2 list of other names 3 zen 4 Aiai Zen.Edit Zen is the son of leather and he is very perverted and twisted. however when the jokes...
  • new page Bella
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: BellaEdit one of the Queens of the coven. aboutEdit less is known she has a mysterious aura and do not speak much of herself. she is a very easy...
  • new page Audrey
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: AudreyEdit audrey is a new member and daughter of leather. she joined in mid marsh 2013
  • new page Blue
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: BlueEdit blue is the wife of Zee Personality often seen with Zee even if shes very social and can be seen with the most members. shes also often...
    Added photo:
  • new page Unofficial Members?
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: Unofficial members?Edit there are traces from a woman named Helena, a man named James and a girl named Blood in the coven. however they do not have...
    Added photo:
  • new page Zee
    created by Thevampireeditor
    New page: zee Zee Edit daughter of leather and his family. shes often seen near blue or talking to her BlueEdit Blue is Zee's partner in life and more. the...
    Added photo:
  • edit Rocker Coven Vampires Wiki
    edited by Thevampireeditor diff
    Edited the section: buttcake.

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